Magnificent PARENTESI Designer Band Ring Jewellery,18kt Light Gold Plated

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           In the fashion jewelry industry, Anna Breathtaking Design Jewelry is unique.Romantic, sweet, luxurious, retro, each reflecting the mood, …

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Magnificent PARENTESI Designer Band Ring Jewellery,18kt Light Gold Plated Material,Stylish Italian Ring For Womens Daytime Wear





       In the fashion jewelry industry, Anna Breathtaking Design Jewelry is unique.Romantic, sweet, luxurious, retro, each reflecting the mood, each of which are embodied in the mood so perfectly.


       We pay attention to the feature jewelry casual and romantic, most of its design around the sweet little woman lazy mood, style and varied amazing, accessories.


       Materials are also sticking to one pattern, whether it is close to a natural or synthetic raw simplicity glittering crystal beads, can be the perfect combination of the same piece of jewelry.


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Detailed Description:

Most Celebradted Small Band Ring,in 18kt Yellow Gold Plated.

A joy gift to receive.

Never fade color,she knows best.


We creations of stunning elegance and captivating originality. Designs that bring glamour to your life and will be cherished always




Ladies,best for Lover.


18k yellow gold plated ring






US size 5 to 10


2014 brand new


18kt yellow gold plated


Yellow gold




12 g


      Established in 2003, Anna Breathtaking Design Jewelry have became an professional jewelry design and manufacture company,The prices and quality is our confidence,the design and service is our proud!




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                                    Pay special attention to:

Must check after receipt of goods to sign the receipt, please do the first time in special people’s careful examination of the jewelry are no personnel.


                                           Return policy:

1:We guarantee your zero risk purchase experience here.

2:We offer full refund to you,if the product has any quality problem.

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Our delivery process is to fill in form, fill in the same token, fill out the list of the shipment is sent to the warehouse is that the packing and the accuracy of the goods by express, issued.


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        We are an original design and manufacturer of elegant jewelry (any material,any design), including necklaces ,rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings,cuff links,hey holder and different accessories.


         If you are reseller,or you want to wear the jewelry yourself,please believe in our jewelry’s quality,we are your best choice,with high quality and competitive price.





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Warm Tips

1. Jewelry often replaced with a jewelry, should avoid prolonged wear, especially in the hot summer, long-term exposure jewelry plating sweat, easily eroded, it is better to have more than pieces of jewelry to be used as regular replacement.
2. Contact with chemicals, accessories easily damaged. When the aroma bath, swimming in chlorine, the salt water will be eroded to the necklace, so before bathing or swimming should be all removable accessories.
3. Collision easy to rub flower store to be careful not to overlap with the jewelry should be stored in the original packaging bag or placed in a grid with small independent jewelry boxes, avoiding mutual grazing and rub the surface of flowers.
4. In the wear process, if there is time, it is best with a fine flannel wipe frequently to keep the jewelry light.
5. When you engage in heavy manual work or taking a bath, they should remove the jewelry worn by put a fixed place, to prevent loss or damage.
6. Each ornament should be separately stored, avoiding contact with other jewelry or hard objects mix in order to avoid friction between damaged.
7. You adjust the opening and closing of earrings, please do not stiff pull together to prevent deformation and fracture jewelry, the best professional jewelry attendant to please.
8. More complex style jewelry, local can not wipe, preferably every six months to a specialty store for you to do a professional cleaning and maintenance.
9. Allergic skin are requested to carefully wear alloy jewelry, if worn during the phenomenon of skin irritation occurs, please stop wearing them and went to the hospital for the relevant inspection.

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