Magnetic Hematite magnetic bracelets wholesale anti-fatigue radiation

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The main magnetic effect:

1, Relieve fatigue .

2Ease the pain :

By the strong magnetic field of arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , cervical spondylosis, sciatica , dysmenorrhea , anemia , etc. role of adjuvant therapy , thereby reducing joint pain.

3As jewelry use , both beautiful and generous , but also assisted magnetic effect , do both. Styles including bracelets , necklaces , anklets and so on.

Suited crowd and precautions:

1Patients with pacemakers or cardiac surgery did not touch .

2This magnet is sure not to touch the card ( bank card , meal card , bus card , student ID , etc. ) , mobile phones, computers and other electronic goods tired .

Magnetic jewelryUses powerful magnets for raw materials which function works as follows:

1Produce micro-current . Various body fluids are electrolyte solution , is a conductor in an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field lines cutting the conductor exercise will produce induced current ; With systolic and diastolic blood is constantly flowing , because the blood vessels motion flow of the magnetic field lines to be cut , it will generate a current in the body. Impacts arising from micro- magnetic currents can occur on bioelectrical activity in vivo , thus affecting the metabolism and function of various organs of the organizations.

2The role of biological electricity . Bioelectrical human body , such as ECG , EEG , EMG and nerve action potential , is an important component of physiological activities. In the magnetic field , electric current will be the role of bio- magnetic force , causing tissue and organ function related to corresponding changes , accelerating electron transfer organisms , increase the organism ‘s metabolism.

3, Effects on the organism . In a magnetic field , the magnetic field by a variety of personal experience of the various effects produced ; dipole organisms and free of charge under the action of electromagnetic field , there is a tendency by the direction of arrangement of the electromagnetic field , a weak magnetic field so that the body of the earth positive and negative magnetic field formed corrected , so that the cells return to normal operation . While in the process , causing molecules, increasing the heat generated random motion of atoms , so that the skin epidermis in micro heat motion, promote micro-circulation and activate cells, increase metabolism ability of cells to make skin vibrant , smooth skin and full flexibility.

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